Rocket Fuel for the Soul

You Can Be Much Happier
25 Minutes From Right Now.

Simply start doing your first
twenty minute bliss exercise
five minutes from now.

Nothing is more important than feeling good. ~ Abraham-Hicks

Blissercises™ (bliss exercises) go beyond positive thinking. They take that final step of bypassing the logical mind.

Usual positive thinking operates from the false identity that we think we are. Blissercises are tremendously powerful because of the giant leverage of operating from the observer self.

The 400+ blissercises in this book invite you to look at things differently. When you do this you change. Your whole life changes.

Blissercises feel good. As you do them more and more, you feel better and better.

Enjoy the Joy

Can you remember a life defining moment? When you feel good you seize the moment. If you're bummed out, you might blow the opportunity forever. (I've done it.) Feel good and seize the moment.

You don't have to expend effort to have a blissful life. All you have to do is view things from a different perspective. An experienced blisserciser does this by nature.

With continued blissercising, you get to a very high state of being.

You can do anything better when you feel good, when you feel God.

When you change the way you look at things you literally change yourself. You become a new person.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your blissercising.

Marsha Burack Jim Kitzmiller has written a practical book aiding the evolution of the soul. It is called Rocket Fuel for the Soul: Blissercise Seminar Manual. I say evolution of the soul because, with the guidance of the questions in these blissercises, I was able to access new understandings that sped up in a most positive way, the way I understood and looked at my world. In a small group which he led, the questions were ones I would not ordinarily ask, nor would I write continually for twenty minutes, and the writings that I produced surprised and amazed me. And gave me food for thought. The blissercises are always completed with a short exercise on gratitude, a direct acknowledgment of the self. Thank you Jim....everyone's experiences in the group were unique. -- Marsha Burack, Author of Reiki: Healing Yourself and Others,

Ron Thurlow Jim Kitzmiller's Rocket Fuel for the Soul provides us with a unique approach to accessing our own deep-seated wisdom through his "20 Minute Blissercises". His e-book is easily accessible online and is extremely easy to use. He gives us choices of hundreds of well-stated questions that only our super-conscious mind can answer. Through these blissercises, the intellect is relaxed, enabling the witness to comes forward with a specific insight that holds the key to the next step on the path with regards to the specific issue in question. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking access to his or her own higher knowledge and wisdom. Ron Thurlow, Ph.D.

Why Blissercise?

Change your life for the better with blissercises. This is one of the fastest and safest ways available to change every aspect of your life and bring your life and your self to a state of bliss.

This is no joke.

It works for real ...

and it's easy.

This information is valuable beyond your imagination. It adds positive experiences to your mind's recordings. Your mind cannot distinguish between "real" experiences and blissercised experiences. You and everyone around you comes out the winner.

You literally change the feelings in every cell of your body.

As your cells continue to vibrate more and more positive energy, you begin to radiate bliss -- literally.

Others can feel it -- usually on a subconscious level.

When you feel good you make better decisions. You can do anything better. Life is easier. Life is more fun. People like to be around you. Happiness is your Divine Right.

Magically good experiences and opportunities draw themselves toward your broadcast.

Like a radio beacon you broadcast messages to bring in what you want.

Will it be my full wish list?

Maybe not. God controls our destiny and our life path.

However ...

we can broadcast positive vibrations to greatly influence what we experience that's in alignment with God's plan.

I believe that God's plan includes basic guidelines for what is acceptable.

But we can change who we are. We change the way that we interact with the world. We change the way that we broadcast signals that emanate from our beingness.

Our beingness is fundamental to all life experience.

When we begin to look at things differently, we literally change our beingness.

When we change our beingness everything else changes.

This is the most powerful tool for change -- if you really want to call it a tool. It is the most effective means available.

Rocket Fuel for the Soul contains over 400 blissercises to change the way you look at things.

Archimedes Archimedes said "Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand and I will move the earth."

You literally lift your world with blissercises.

The lever is looking at things differently.

The place to stand?

You stand in your own beingness. You stand in silence. Blissercising tends to silence your mind.

It helps you tune into "the field" around you. This is the field that is immersed in God's love and God's power.

In this elevated state you'll bring about changes for the good -- often without any effort. Sometimes you may not even know the good that comes about through your presence.

Does all this seem far fetched?

Well ...

One thing is sure. You'll feel better and better every day when you blissercise on a daily basis.

And ...

if you feel really good, the external circumstances don't mean that much anyway.

There is literally no limit to how good you can feel. None. Zero Zilch.

No limit at all.

So why not feel as good as you possibly can? Do blissercises several times daily.

Got 20 minutes?

Great! Use it for blissercising.

Only have 15 minutes?

No problem? Do shorter blissercises.

No problem at all! Eventually that will be the case in your life.

Just keep doing blissercises. At first you'll be amazed at the changes. After a while you'll get used to feeling marvelous.

It's totally your choice.

How good do you want to feel?

I don't know about you, but I'm going for the max.

Why limit myself?

Click to go to the order page. As you do these blissercises, your priorities will change.

What seemed important will now seem trivial. You've moved to a higher level. You don't need things to make you happy. However, when you're extremely happy things come to you easily.

You don't need to control things. However things seem to fall into place very nicely.

You don't need to go to all kinds of extreme measures to get approval from others. You don't have to spend countless hours (years?) doing things to get approval.

You don't need to control everything in sight.

Oddly enough, when you don't need approval you wind up getting it.

When you don't need to change things, you feel a tremendous sense of relief. And surprise! Things work out just fine.

You're a new person literally. And life responds accordingly.

Here's a Sample of What You Get

You get over 400 blissercises from 46 major life categories. You can literally send your life experience through the roof. Another amazing thing is that when you improve one area of your life with these blissercises, other areas improve as well.

  1. ABUNDANCE is a core issue in everyone's life. You get five blissercises directly related to abundance.
  2. ADMIRATION is the basis of human connection. You get three blissercises to kick-start your ability to sincerely admire and bring your communication to the soul to soul level.
  3. Are you ready for some ADVENTURE? You get four blissercises you can use repeatedly to raise your sense of adventure.
  4. Would you like to be welcome anywhere? You can do the four exercises to help you feel and express APPRECIATION.
  5. Get more BALANCE in your life. Power it with the three exercises in Rocket Fuel for the Soul.
  6. Do you deal in BUSINESS? Do the four blissercises.
  7. You can increase your sense of CERTAINTY. There are four blissercises to help you.
  8. Would you benefit from more CLARITY? Choose from five bliss exercises
  9. How about skyrocketing your CREATIVITY? There are seventeen exercises directly related. Actually every blissercise in the whole manual boosts your creativity.
  10. Get laser beam focus with your increased ability of DECISION. Two laser powered blissercises tune you in.
  11. When you are DESIRE FREE you'll be amazed that the goodies start coming to you. When we desire things we tend to create ourselves as not having what we desire. Four blissercises help you free yourself from this paradox.
  12. Learn to experience your own DIVINITY and the Divinity of everyone and everything around you. Five blissercises help you experience this magnificent state.
  13. The basic goal for most human activities is FEELING GOOD. You get four blissercises to elevate your feelings.
  14. Learn to accept your FEELINGS and the feelings of others. Four blissercises are here to help you.
  15. Get into the FLOW of life. Life can be very, very easy. Three blissercises help you help yourself get into the flow.
  16. A Course in Miracles emphasizes FORGIVENESS. You can use the included seven blissercises to utilize this powerful tool.
  17. We all love FREEDOM. Countless people have given their lives for it. Seven blissercises propel you towards freedom.
  18. Four blissercises propel you toward your perfect FUTURE.
  19. If you believe in GOD, you can use eighteen blissercises to dramatically enhance your relationship and empower every aspect of your life.
  20. GRATITUDE is a key part of every blissercise. There are three blissercises devoted specifically to gratitude.
  21. We talk about the pursuit of HAPPINESS. However, it's right here -- inside us and all around us. Twenty-two blissercises help us experience it.
  22. It's been said that HEALTH is related to our emotions. There are a dozen blissercises related to health.
  23. We present ourselves to the world as an IDENTITY. Fourteen blissercises help you drop any compulsive tendencies and help you become who you wish. Deliberately creating yourself is the most important thing you can do in life.
  24. Four blissercises help change your KARMA for the better. It's time for the good stuff!
  25. Performing acts of KINDNESS is one sure way to make ourselves and others feel better. Two blissercises laser beam you straight to the core of this powerful life enhancer.
  26. A well-known secret of success is to keep LEARNING from all of our experiences. Six blissercises help you ensure that you have all the benefits of learning.
  27. Get the best that LIFE has to offer. Give the best. Twenty blissercises help you skyrocket to the top.
  28. Give and receive LOVE to lift every area of your journey through your own life. You get four blissercises to help yourself become more loving and more loved.
  29. MANIFESTATION is the ability to magnetize desirable life experiences. Every blissercise in Rocket Fuel for the Soul increases our ability to manifest. However, four blissercises are dedicated to manifestation.
  30. MONEY is the apparent resource to bring freedom and power. Thirty different blissercises dramatically change your relationship with money.
  31. MORALE is the feeling that we're making a positive difference. You'll have fun with the four morale blissercises.
  32. Experience the bliss of NOW with fourteen different approaches.
  33. Our lives are more harmonious when we have ORDER. Order opens pathways for great things to come our way. You'll love the four blissercises to help us allow order in our lives.
  34. We might not be able to change our PAST, but we can change the way you look at the past and experience the past. Two powerful blissercises can do wonders.
  35. PEACE is one of the most wonderful states of all. Be sure to do these four blissercises to help you get there.
  36. What happens when we see PERFECTION everywhere? Do the twelve blissercises and find out.
  37. You can move and act with more grace. Try these three blissercises for your PHYSICAL expression.
  38. POWER? You will be after using the sixteen power blissercises in Rocket Fuel for the Soul: A Blissercise Seminar Manual.
  39. Yes, you can raise your PRODUCTIVITY and still be blissed. Do it with the fourteen blissercises.
  40. You can enhance RELATIONSHIPS from many different angles -- 41 different angles through 41 blissercises on relationships with yourself and others.
  41. You're not Rodney Dangerfield. So you can give and get RESPECT through sixteen different blissercises.
  42. All the blissercises help you boost your RESPONSIBILITY. However two are focuses specifically on responsibility.
  43. SELF-CONFIDENCE reflects how much you believe that you can do things right. Use eighteen blissercises to send your self-confidence through the roof.
  44. Your SELF-ESTEEM is the value you place on yourself. Do just a few of the twenty blissercises and you'll be amazed.
  45. SELF-IMAGE is the way you see yourself and it's the image you project out into the world. Give your self-image a makeover with any or all of six different blissercises.
  46. Giving good SERVICE makes the world a better place. It also enhances your money and your self-esteem. Use any of the five blissercises to totally shift your perspective on giving service.
  47. WORK is generally the way that we make money. So why not make the most of it, and have a wonderful time, after using any of the eight work blissercises?

Get the Book Now

You can easily spend $120 for a one hour therapist session. Or you can learn to do blissercises on your own. That costs the same as twenty minutes of a therapist session.

If you wish, you can order the PDF eBook version for $47 by clicking here. You'll be reading Rocket Fuel for the Soul - Blissercise Self-Help (Seminar) Manual within the next few minutes."

The bookmarks on the left side of the eBook page make it extremely fast and easy to find the blissercises you want. You can directly address whatever area of life you choose and get powerful results.

If you have trouble ordering, please click here to contact me. Use the contact form on the right sidebar. I'm sure that you'll get a tremendous boost by doing the blissercises.

Please let me know how it goes.

Tom Franklin Hi Jim: Great work on the amazing range of areas you address. I think anyone working on areas in the list that interest him will come away with some great wins. As you may recall, I'm a great advocate of keeping a Journal. With your exercises they can write up aspects of their life and get a new look at them. Great idea! Tom Franklin, Author of IQ/IX: Nine Ways to Expand Intelligence & Productivity and Problem Solving Power,

Manoj Vijayan I downloaded your ebook and tried some of the blissercises. What a simple, yet powerful process! You've created a fast, easy and profound way for people to their state from disempowered to charged and raring to go (or any other state they choose to experience). I look forward to exploring more of this powerful tool! Thank you! - Manoj Vijayan, Book Cover Designer,